Lupul paznic la oi! Documentar BBC video: Un pedopsihiatru expert al Barnevernet în abuzuri asupra copilului se pare că este condamnat pentru pedofilie. Se pare că 11.000 de copii sunt scoși anual din familiile lor de către Barnevernet

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  1. My name is Rui Araújo and I’m writing this message in english because my romanian it’s still too weak to express what I have to say. In this „article” posted in 10th August you quote another „article” from Mr. George Alexandre, and in there he refers Mara Fortu case and if the children return they’ll be delivered to a pedophile (in this case the father). Well, I’m the father and I resent that idiot it’s still quoted, and that you didn’t even researched a little bit if his accusations are true. That shows a lot of the credibility of this „news page” and it shows also the kind of filth and crap you are propagating here. So I ask you once, politely, to remove any mention to my children or case in that article, immediatly. If not I’ll ask my Romanian lawyers to press charges against you and I’ll demand the removal of your page.


    • We apologize for a little knowledge of English. We’re sorry if a mistake has been made. We have taken over the news from this article to which you refer from sources whose credibility we have not doubted. Mr. George Alexander was quoted by several sites in Romanian. We do not know anything about his statements about your children. We do not know anything about your case. We think it’s a confusion. However, in order not to mistakenly, we have removed any link to Mr. G. A.’s facebook page. We will look more closely into this kind of information in the future.
      As for your appreciation of our site
      (We quote: „That shows a lot of the credibility of this” news page „and it shows the kind of filth and crap you are propagating here”) we consider impolite and offensive. Many of our articles have the theme Orthodoxy and quote the Holy Fathers. The ones in the current section are taken from Orthodox sources and refer to social-contemporary themes that concern the Orthodox community and interfere with our moral or Christian beliefs. We, as persons, can be mistaken and we ask for forgiveness when we are wrong, but we can not accept the denunciations of the Holy Fathers or our Orthodox faith. As a result, we too, please withdraw the above quotes about our blog because they violate our religious identities and are slanderous to our faith.
      Ne cerem scuze pentru putina cunoastere a limbii engleze. Ne pare rau daca s-a comis vreo greseala. Noi am preluat stirile din acest articol la care va referiti din surse de a caror credibilitate nu ne-am indoit. Domnul George Alexander a fost citat de mai multe site-uri in limba romana. Noi nu stim nimic despre afirmatiile sale cu privire la copiii dumneavoastra. Nu stim nimic despre cazul citat de dumneavoastra. Credem ca e vorba de o confuzie. Oricum, pentru a nu gresi , am eliminat orice link catre pagina de facebook a domnului G. A. Vom cerceta pe viitor cu mai multa atentie informatiile de acest gen.
      Cat priveste aprecierile dumneavoastra cu privire la site-ul nostru
      ( Va citam: „That shows a lot of the credibility of this „news page” and it shows also the kind of filth and crap you are propagating here”) le consideram nepoliticoase si ofensatoare. Multe din articolele noastre au ca tema Ortodoxia si citeaza Sfintii Parinti. Cele din rubrica actualitate sunt preluate din surse ortodoxe si se refera la teme social-contemporane ce preocupa comunitatea ortodoxa si interfera cu convingerile noastre morale sau crestine. Noi, ca oameni, putem gresi si ne cerem iertare cand gresim dar nu putem accepta jignirile aduse Sfintilor Parinti sau credintei noastre Ortodoxe. Ca urmare, si noi, va rugam sa va retrageti aprecierile mai sus citate cu privire la blogul nostru caci aduc atingere identitatii noastre religioase si sunt calomniatoare pentru credinta noastra.


  2. Very well, I appreciate your correction. When I mentioned filth and crap I was talking about the unjust and criminal defamation that the mentioned person (Georg Alexander) was (and still is) doing concerning my person and my children kidnapp case. I was NOT refering to the Orthodox Church or your beliefs. I respect them although I don’t agree with them.


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